Hannah Haynes

Owner + Head Coach

Creating processes beyond weight loss or muscle gain, improving eating habits, lifestyle choice and relationship with food, in order to learn skills to lead a more fulfilled life.

Surpassing traditional training methods to not only gain muscle & strength but also improving energy levels, more restful sleep, and reducing daily stress.

Harnessing energy from within to love our body inside out, through being more intentional and guided with our personal health and wellness selections.

Bare Neck
Who we are

Iron Body Fitness is a fully immersive training system, all about connecting with a deeper version of yourself through physical, mental, & emotional strength. Release your insecurities and step into a renewed version of yourself.

Meditating Outdoors
What We Do

Your journey is more than a number on the scale. Allow yourself to freely step into self-acceptance, growth, and consistency. In a world of social norms and standards, we work want to encourage our clients to love themselves at whatever stage they are in. When we are our happiest is when our physical self responds the best.