Balanced mind in a balanced body

Iron Body Fitness

Healthy Woman


Creating processes beyond weight loss or muscle gain, improving your eating habits and relationship with food, in order to learn skills to lead a more fulfilled life.

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Surpassing traditional training methods to not only gain muscle & strength but also improving energy levels, more restful sleep, and reduce stress.



Using your mental power to love your body inside out. Staying motivated, happy, and holding yourself accountable in order to be more intentional with your life

“Strength is the product of struggle, you must do what others don’t to achieve what others won’t.” — Henry Rollins


"One word; amazing! I totally enjoyed working with Hannah, she's a positive and outgoing person. Very supportive, and loving, she's always there for ou, and cares completely about your health, which makes a difference. I couldn't have done it without her. 

-Keely V, Toronto, Canada. 

Can this be happening? Are you ready? Do you believe your life will change? These are things I was asking myself when I began training with Hannah. I was scared, excited and worried all at once. I knew I was working on my weight, I was just missing something and couldn't get the pounds off like I wanted.


When Hannah became my trainer, not only did she work me to death, she opened my eyes to another way of living. Another way to walk on this earth. She opened my eyes to a world where dreams do come true. I was not immediately where I wanted to be but my path had begun! My motivation, my power, and my confidence have changed. It was hard. Some days I would give myself excuses for why I couldn't work out or why I couldn't stay on my diet. I had to fight myself more than anything! That was my biggest challenge and still is TODAY. Being my own weakness. Letting life change what I do. I broke out of that. I beat up every excuse and whatever life threw at me I through it back ten times harder when I worked out! I have lost friends and gained new ones which I'm fine with me. I am on a journey to a new beginning and Hannah has been there with me the entire time! Thanks for not only giving up on me but being my biggest fan! You're a true friend and an even more genuine trainer!

-Samantha L, Detroit, Michigan