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Join me on A holistic Journey into health & fitness.

begin a life-changing, mind & body experience to become the next version of yourself.


Hi There... I'm Hannah...

I truly believe Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make.. 


being underweight for most of my childhood I began to feel invisible.. I often would run or exercise which ultimately made me feel stronger and happier overtime.



 Through fitness i gained confidence to not only become physically stronger but mentally tougher. WHile Health and fitness isn't my identity, it helped me to become the person i was always meant to be..


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Nadila Haynes is the Marketing Coordinator at Iron body fitness. Upon graduating from Wayne State University, she joined the Iron Body Fitness team to sharpen, and feather develop her skills and passion for marketing while breaking into the industry of marketing.

Raised in Southfield as a very community involved child in a family of 9 children. Her parents Yolanda and Houston Haynes always instilled the importance of service and community outreach.


As sister to the Owner and Head coach Hannah Haynes she has witnessed the Iron Body Fitness journey firsthand.
She is passionate about creating strategies through data and creative problem solving. She also enjoys being surrounded by family and friends and just enjoying priceless moments laughing and making memories. She’s recently engaged and looks forward to getting married in May of 2023.

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Margaret Latten is the new Executive Assistant at Iron Body Fitness. Throughout her decade of experience working in administrative settings she has developed a keen eye for detail and the ability to keep her team members organized, informed, and ahead of the curve. She has experience in strategic implementation, scheduling optimization, and client relations.

Raised in Detroit by her mother and Grandmother, they instilled in her at an early age the importance of health, wellness, structure, and a genuine heart.

She is passionate about serving and enjoys spending long days out in nature with her four year old son, Prynce.


Executive assistant 

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Yoga Instructor  


"Three years ago I had cancer and I still suffered from the long term chemo effects. I knew I had to reach out to someone to really help me to get in better shape and that person was Hannah. I got professional advice but the best for me at that time was the fact that her advice and her workouts made me realize that I was not done. That I could surprise myself. That happened for example with the box jumps she made me do and with the pull ups and chin ups. You can't imagine how happy I was when I realized I could actually do a pull up and chin up, and that I could jump high. I think Hannah has what it takes to be a really really big name in the field of personal training. So don't hesitate to contact her if you want to become a better version of yourself."

-Peter K, Netherlands

"One word; amazing! I totally enjoyed working with Hannah, she's a positive and outgoing person. Support, and love, she's always there for you, and cares completely about your health, which makes a difference. I couldn't have done it without her. 
-Keely V, Toronto, Canada. 

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